R.I.P. Camu Tao


Heute vor einem Jahr ist Tero Smith, besser bekannt als Camu Tao, mit 30 an Lungenkrebs verstorben. Ich habe ihn natürlich nicht persönlich gekannt, deswegen kann ich nur sagen, dass es ein trauriger Verlust für die Musikwelt ist. Denn der Kerl war echt genial. Ein Trost ist, dass die eigentlich nicht zur Veröffentlichung gedachte Central Services EP und Camu’s erstes, leider unvollständiges Soloalbum posthum der Öffentlichkeit in Form eines Releases über Def Jux zugänglich gemacht werden sollen. Wann das sein wird hängt wohl hauptsächlich von El-P ab, der auch Teil des Duos Central Serivces war und Camu’s musikalischen Nachlass verwaltet.
Hier ein paar Kostproben des Sängers, Rappers und Produzenten:

Central Services – Oxycontin
Camu Tao – Plot For A Little
hier gibts ein ganzes mumorial mixtape

Was Cage, der Camu Tao sehr nah stand, zu sagen hat:

May 25th 2008 I got a call informing me Tero had passed away.I had just spoken to him days before this call.We were working via phone on a song he produced for me(Follow the Bleeder)I could hear he was in the hospital and I asked him if he was alright and he said he wasn’t feeling well and just had to get some things checked out.“Don’t worry“he said“I will be okay, I will talk to you later when I get out of here.“That was the last thing Camu ever said to me.Life hasn’t been the same.He was my closest friend.I spoke to him more than I spoke to anyone in life.I am still bitter and everything has lost it’s flavor no matter how surreal everything is right now.And I know he would be jumping up and down saying ‚YEAH WE DID IT“ (something he would always say whether or not it had anything to do with him)He had the ability to celebrate the smallest accomplishments and get me in hysterics about anything.He helped me in music and more importantly he helped me in life.He was a beautiful person with an effortless talent and I know people throw the word genius around loosely to compliment each other or in some cases themselves but TERO SMITH WAS A MUSICAL GENIUS.I miss him very much and I will never be the same again.I think of him everyday.
Rest In Peace brother.

Listen to Camu Tao songs all day today and remember.

I listen to Camu Tao songs everyday and so should you.

It bothered me very much to see a lot of his enemies claiming this Love they had for him the day after he passed but none when he was dying for a year and a half.Some of you made it right with him before he died.I can understand except one person and in honor of Tero a true shit starter and fire ignitor I would like to out VAST AIRE you are a LIAR and Camu hated you and you know it.You shit on him when you knew he was dying.You disrespected his fiancee weeks after his passing with disrespectful emails.“Camu is in heaven looking down at you laughing at you“ said Vast Aire to Camu’s fiance when she asked him to not go on a „hold the floor tour“ and profit off of his death.“Camu owed me money from years ago“ said Vast Aire(which is a lie)If those emails ever see the light of day you would vomit upon reading. The last you spoke to him was about 05 I believe.What goes around comes around.It was Camu who ousted you from WM when you were stealing from Yak and Tame on The Teen Wolf Tour and it was Camu who named you „SLOB BLOB SWEAT PANTS“ If you use this day as a day to remember you should remember how you wronged a dying man with Cancer before AND after his death.

You use my beloved friends passing as a fucking tag line in your interviews and it is Vast Aire who I am talking about in Nothing left to say.

That was for you Mu

Cage – Nothing Left To Say


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